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Goose, Spring 2018, Belarus

The spring season of 2018 on goose and duck(drake) began on March 10 and will last until May 13, 2018.
Goose: hunting for birds of any gender and age from an approach, an ambush, with decoy, with geese, on a flight.
Duck: drake only, hunting with beckoning.

Time and method of hunting:
In the morning (before 11:00): from an ambush near agricultural fields, where the bird arrives to feed. It is necessary to be in ambush (hut, trench or shelter) in the dark, while the goose is in the place of lodging.
In the evening (after 18:00): from an ambush near the reservoirs, where the bird arrives for the night.

Cost, for one hunter.
1 day of hunting: 400 Euro (1 day of hunting, 2 nights)
2 days of hunting: 680 Euro (2 days of hunting, 3 nights)
3 days of hunting: 900 Euro (3 days of hunting, 4 nights)

— an invitation and / or visa support, a visa is not needed for: Visa free countries;
— registration of a one-time permit for the import / export of hunting weapons (1 barrel per person) or renting of the hunting gun;
— accommodation in a hotel or in a hunting house;
— food — full board;
— preparation and conduct of hunting (including ambush equipment, hunting transport);
— all extracted game (goose, drake);
— accompaniment by an outfitter.

Not included in the price: (paid additionally upon the provision of services)
— Transfer (transportation services outside the hunting economy);
— Spirits and additional food;
— additional services (sauna, excursions);
— evisceration, plucking.

Recommendations on equipment.
1. Warm suit, we recommend to wear masks and gloves.
2. Weapons — it is more effective to use semi-automatic smooth-bore shotguns with elongated trunks.
3. Ammunition on a goose — pellet type Bird #1, for a duck — pellet type Bird #5-#7.